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“I was in college when I took my first workshop with Chuck and Ashley. I needed that workshop more than ever. Their education helped me identify healthy relationships and toxic ones, knowing the difference between the two and when to just walk away from unhealthy relationships. It changed my life and I’m thankful for it even years later.”


"It was like a reset button was hit, and I was ready to heal and move forward."


"It’s not only the vast advanced training in their fields(s) that Chuck and Ashley offer their clients... I think their differentiation lies in the crossroads of their professional work together as a married couple. They get “life” and the many pulls and pressures most experience in the day to day balancing of work, family, spirituality, and identity. I think the transparency and empathy they demonstrate, together with their training, uniquely equips and sets them apart to help inspire people to want to grow."


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Prayer Boot Camp will push your prayer life to a new level. At first, you’ll participate in prayer exercises on your own. Then, you’ll be challenged to pray with others. By the end, you’ll have completed many prayer exercises that will instill confidence in your ability to pray alone and with others.


Single or Dating? Complete this 7-day plan where we guide you to pray for your future spouse. By praying for your spouse before you meet them or marry, you establish a strong foundation for your relationship. Research shows that couples who pray together regularly are more likely to stay together.

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Have you lost someone or something you love to death, divorce, or other tragedy? In Love and Loss, Chuck and Ashley Elliott guide participants to reflect upon their journey, identify unseen elements of grief, and illuminate steps to re-frame and rebuild their lives, all while pointing to Scripture as a source of hope and direction.


We have invited several married couples to share about their journey developing spiritual intimacy. Participants will learn some of the practical barriers that prevent couples from connecting spiritually. This is a great plan for married couples but may also be beneficial for dating couples who are open to learning about strengths and challenges that may arise in marriage when aiming to grow spiritually, together.

Spiritual Intimacy as Couples


When couples lose a baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or early death, grief is expected. Though there are many resources available for women, few resources speak directly to men. This plan will unpack the ways men may feel differently from women during their loss and will help men find their path toward God and healing. Additionally, permission will be granted to feel deep feelings and to work toward healthy communication. Women can also benefit from learning the struggles men face!

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We have so many titles, but which is most important? Child of God, right? Do you ever get overwhelmed by all of the other titles you hold? Being a child, parent, student, sibling, employee, or athlete brings busyness. This plan will look at ways to keep God in the #1 spot while juggling so many other responsibilities.

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