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Small Steps Toward Big Connection

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Can you think of any people you'd like to be closer to? A co-worker, neighbor, or someone at the gym who you keep bumping into? What would it take to develop a relationship with them?

Instead of creating a plan for connection, we often commit very little cognitive energy into developing new relationships. This may lead toward disconnection. Often, when we are in a positive space, we tend to lean in toward others. Once we move to a negative space, we disconnect.

What about in the past? Can you remember any friendships where you somehow drifted apart, yet you cannot pinpoint why? (Check out a blog we wrote, "Can My Relationship Survive Conflict?")

What would happen if you invested in someone today? Could it be the tipping point that leads toward finding a new best bud? Or could your investment be the element that prevents the big drift? What's the big drift? You know, that huge space between you and a friend or loved one. It's the type of space that seems scary to stare in the face, sometimes so much so that divorce or distance feels like a safer option.

In this video, we share some practical tips that may help you move closer to someone. Did you know that relationships really don't get stagnant. They're in motion because we are in motion, always moving toward connection or disconnection.

At work, you can become more connected. If you're continuing to see the same patterns as last year, ask yourself why. Maybe there are some other barriers that could be addressed. You have what it takes to be more connected at home and work. Relationships are hard. But they are one of the most important things in the world!

If you'd like to learn about the marriage plan, we would love to help you develop a solid plan for connection in your marriage. We also offer individual, organization, and couples coaching.

If you're not ready to commit financially toward your relational growth, check out our free resources on our website, social media, and our relationship videos on YouTube.

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