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Jen's Story

Going through a divorce...dealing with lawyers, depression, it all hit like a hurricane...  The part I struggled with most was the guilt of feeling like I failed as a Christian and had let my family down. 


...My turn around moment happened when Chuck gave spiritual advice that was exactly what I needed.  I remember walking away with a great burden lifted. 

It was like a reset button was hit, and I was ready to heal and move forward.  I consider Chuck & Ashley blessings in my life.  For any season of life, they will inspire you, light a fire, and most importantly, they’ll give Godly advice. 

Heading 1

It’s not only the vast advanced training in their fields(s) that Chuck and Ashley offer their clients... I think their differentiation lies in the crossroads of their professional work together as a married couple. They get “life” and the many pulls and pressures most experience in the day to day balancing of work, family, spirituality, and identity. I think the transparency and empathy they demonstrate, together with their training, uniquely equips and sets them apart to help inspire people to want to grow.

Shaun Angel

Chuck and Ashley are incredibly kind, empathetic, and wise. They excel at meeting people where they are while also empowering and supporting individuals and couples to grow. If you want to feel seen and valued as a client, I highly recommend Chuck and Ashley.

Elizabeth Whited

The online course of grieving through the holidays has been so great for me since having my miscarriage. It has given me things to think about and things to write down that I would have never of thought of. Chuck and Ashley are amazing in the videos and you can really feel how much they care about your wellbeing and helping you to cope with loss. I love how I can relate to Ashley in this topic in particular, everything she has said was exactly how I felt! They are a really heartfelt and sweet couple! I absolutely recommend them!


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