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Grief Changes How I See

Grief changes how we see

1) Ourselves 2) Our World

3) Our Loved Ones

How has your view of yourself changed as a result of your grief?

Have you been upset with your inability to control your emotions? Or maybe there has been something you have hated about your physical or spiritual self during this time.

When our world is rocked by loss, we may feel that we are less "US" and are a bit out of control.

How has your world changed?

Is it difficult to go places you used to go? What triggers pain for you? Take time to think about where you feel safe. It's ok to protect yourself for a little while, but also ask:

1) Is it good for me to return?

2) If I return, who can I take with me?

3) How can I best prepare myself before I go?

How has your view of your loved ones been impacted?

Have you felt as if they do not understand, care, or grieve in the ways you want or need them to?

Have you asked for what you need? Have you even taken time to think about what you need?

As you reflect upon changes you have experienced, I pray that you feel comfort and acceptance of yourself. We need Christ to help us get through our losses, holding on to His security. Cling to Him and accept that you are going through something tough. It's ok to hurt. But don't leave your hurt there. What do you need? Who can help you meet your needs?

Reach out and continue to heal.

If you found this helpful, check out Love and Loss, a six-session course through grief.


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