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Does God Still Call People By Name?

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Recently, I was asked when God called my name.

Hmm…I wondered.

When did God call my name?

Did God call my name?

I cannot remember the day I became a follower of Christ either. Is something wrong with me?

Have you ever wondered if you are illegitimate because you haven’t experienced what others have encountered?

Moses could probably recall when God called his name. Remember that burning bush experience? That didn’t happen to me. My experiences have been much more ordinary. Does that mean I am less called? Or does God call average people like me? Not everyone can oversee over a million men, women, and children like Moses did. But everyone is an influencer to someone.

For me, the challenge has been identifying what role I am supposed to take because these roles were typically reserved for men. Moses had a pretty significant calling; I, however, relate more to Aaron in this story. You see? God called Moses, but he turned God down. God asked him to speak, and Moses replied, “Lord, please! Send anyone else” (Exodus 4:13).

He told God no.

Why do you think he said no?

He was afraid.

Out of Moses’ fear, Aaron received his calling.

Perhaps you were not the first one called, but you are the one who is willing to step up and serve when others have said no.

As long as I can remember, I have loved God. From early childhood, I have had a strong sense of calling on my life.

Often, however, I haven’t felt chosen by those in leadership. When I looked into the mirror, I occasionally wondered if God made me the wrong gender. I felt that I had a man’s calling. I

wanted to lead people toward God, and in my circles, that role was reserved for the men.