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Find a Match? Am I Ready to date?

Before the relationship starts, work on these things!

Yeah, we get it. Relationships are hard.

If you are single, you might want to be dating someone right now, but that future person will not complete you. There are some things you can do now, to grow as a person.

Dating, Married, Single or somewhere in-between, everyone can all make investments in their ability to have quality relationships.

1. What is the quality of your current relationships?

If you are not a good friend and cannot communicate and handle conflict with them, you will not magically have those skills once you have a partner. This is where growth happens, in relationship. Relationships are so much bigger than dating and marriage. Get better at personal and professional relationships. These skills will always be worth the time and energy to develop.

2. Are you growing, or are you just waiting? Read, study and pray.

Your growth and development are your responsibility. What was the last book that you read? What was the last personal or professional goal that you set and worked toward? Your self-awareness is going to be one of your biggest strengths for development today and in the days to come. Learn more about yourself and what it takes for you to reach goals.

We would love to hear your thoughts on how to grow before a relationship or what you wish you had done before getting into a relationship.

-Chuck (& Ashley)

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