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To Parents Who Have Watched Their Child Go Through Divorce

Author: Vickie Hirsch

Watching your child go through divorce shakes you to your core. It is truly devastating to lose a member of the family.

I lost a daughter-in-law who I had so much love for; she was like one of my own kids.

Not only was it painful to lose a daughter-in-law, but it crushed me to watch my son hurt.

A parent’s job is to protect their child! I could not protect my son from the pain he faced through his divorce.

Have you found yourself feeling like you’re on an emotional roller coaster? I have.

At first, I did everything I could to try to save the relationship.

When I realized the relationship couldn’t be saved, I felt anger and vengeance like never before! As difficult as it was sometimes, I had to remember that Romans 12:19 says, “‘Vengeance is mine.’ saith the Lord.” And, God did take care of it.

My heart hurt for my son, and I couldn’t fix it. But God could. Fast forward a year or so. My son is better, so I am better. My son has taught me so much; he is so much stronger than I am. His faith has never wavered; for that I am thankful!

What strength have you seen in yourself and in your child through this painful process?

Through this I have seen so many prayers answered. We have had so many people reach out with love. Most of all, I am thankful to watch my kids love on each other. We are a strong family.

Although I’m thankful and things have gotten so much better, the growth process is ongoing.

I am still working through so many emotions. I want to be someone who is spiritual, happy and strong, not someone who is angry, weak, unhappy and afraid of who I have become.

How has your child’s divorce impacted who you are? Who do you want to be?

Take time to reflect upon who you want to be so you can become a stronger person!

Healing takes time, and God will bring us through the storm.

Do you love big?

I love big and so I hurt big.

It’s ok to grieve while going through divorce; it’s truly heartbreaking. If you have felt similar emotions, know you are not alone. When our kids hurt, we hurt.

If you need someone to connect with, I would love to chat with you.


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