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Mental Stability vs. Mental Instability, Part FIVE

How does your behavior toward spiritual matters change when you are most mentally stable?

All of us vary from day-to-day, feeling more mentally stable some days and less mentally stable other days.

In this six-part series, we’ve looked at several different behaviors and how they change when we feel more or less stable. If you haven’t caught the other videos, be sure to check them out. Video 1 explains the exercise!

Today, we’re examining how our relationship with God might change when we feel mentally stable versus unstable. When things are good, do you read your Bible regularly or engage in Godly community? Or perhaps you’re the opposite. Do you reach out to God only when your life begins to fall apart?

As you increase awareness to how your behavior toward God changes in a mentally stable versus mentally unstable state, you can begin to work to explore your behavior further. If you’d like assistance with this process, we’d love to coach you through the exercise and help you build mental stability, gaining insight into the function in the dysfunction.

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Comment below, letting us know how your behavior changes regarding your faith when you feel at your best!


Chuck and Ashley are authors and relationship speakers who love helping people leave a legacy at work and home. If you'd like to check out other free resources they've created, visit their resources page.

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