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We Tend to Repeat Behavior

What type of behavior do you see occur in your life?

If you'd like to change your behavior, study it. In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, it is common to examine thoughts to learn about behavior.

Check out this video to learn about behavioral cycles you follow. Then, plan to draw out your own cycle.

Use the 3 A's to learn and change your cycles.

The 1st A stands for Aware. Spend some time becoming aware of your cycles.

The 2nd A stands for Assess. Take a few days or weeks to assess your behavior. What have you tried? What works really well? What would you like to try? The 3rd A stands for Act. Now that you've thought of some new possible behaviors, get to work! Try something new.

Be ready to go through the 3 A's again as you try to learn and implement change. Stay aware. Continue to assess. Always be ready to act.

Learning to reverse the cycles in your life may be easier than you think.

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