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Four Tips to Double the Intimacy You Experience in Your Marriage

Updated: May 7

Would you like to double the intimacy in your marriage?

When you think of intimacy, you may think of sexual intimacy. But there’s another type of intimacy that’s important, too. It’s spiritual intimacy.

What is spiritual intimacy? It’s the relational connection you feel with another human being as you connect with God together.

Have you ever felt awkward to pray with someone but became comfortable praying with them after a few times? Can you remember the first time you were praying or worshiping alone and your spouse walked in? If these experiences have become more comfortable for you, you’ve increased in spiritual intimacy! You can grow in this area with other loved ones, too. But we can talk about that another time.

Today, I want to share FOUR simple ways you can increase spiritual intimacy in your marriage during physical intimacy.

1) Play a worship song while being intimate. This may feel wrong at some level. It’s because we have a skewed view of sexuality, but God made us to be sexual with our spouse. If we bring God into our sexual relationship, perhaps we will become better equipped to keep others out!

2) Pray after being intimate with your spouse. Thank God for sexual purity and ask God to give you and your partner eyes for one another only.

3) While cuddling (with or without clothes), take turns sharing things you love about God.

Perhaps you love that God is bigger than all of your problems or that He’s the father you always wish you had growing up. Maybe you love that God is bigger than the ocean but closer than your own heartbeat.

4) While rubbing your spouse’s feet, pray, “God, may these feet spread the gospel!”

To earn bonus points, read or recite this verse from Romans 10:15: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”

What would you add? What are some ways others can double their intimacy?


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