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Mother's Day Grief

Mother’s Day can be such a tough day. Several of these images are from when we lost babies. When you say Happy Mother’s Day, we hope you will be gentle. You may not know the strength that it can take to go to church or family gatherings when you’re grieving.

To all of our friends who want to be moms but have been unable, we are sorry. On a day where it could be tempting for us just to deny our painful past, we choose to remember. For our babies who were lost, and for you. But we also choose to be thankful. We're thankful for the ways we grew through the pain. Seeking God allowed us to grow stronger rather than falling apart. We're thankful for the people we have in our lives. We squeezed our fighting boys and paused while creating this post. We hugged our little one who wanted to cuddle. We're thankful for the miracle of life. We're thankful for so many people who took their pain to God and chose to adopt, foster, or invest in others in some way, refusing to become bitter. Thank You Lord that we are resilient. We are moms. We are dads. We are friends. Sometimes we celebrate. Sometimes we grieve. But we can “feel” the feelings, share about them, and heal. Why? We do hard things. #mothersday #grievingmom #pain #miscarriage #death #grief #dohardthings #resilience #family #hurt #loss #relationships #parenting #loveandloss

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