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Godly Marriage: How to be More Spiritual as a Couple

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Many of us want to be more spiritually connected as a couple, but it can feel awkward and we might not know where to start.

It can be difficult to develop spiritual connection in any relationship. This is certainly true in a dating or marriage relationship.

The good news is you and your partner can get better!

Check out this video from Chuck & Ashley about some practical steps to getting spiritually closer as a couple.

Research by the National Association of Marriage Enhancement ( revealed that fewer than 1% of couples who prayed together regularly divorced. Yet many couples do not pray together. Do you find it awkward to initiate prayer with your spouse? We developed a reading plan called Prayer Boot Camp to help individuals increase confidence praying alone and with others. Check it out here.

Spiritual Conversations

Many people feel nervous to initiate spiritual conversations, but our intimate relationships should be a space where we can talk about the most important topics. Take time to talk with your partner about your faith.

Do you attend church together? If so, make an effort to ask, "What was one thing that stood out to you about today's message?" Complete our Reading Plan Spiritual Intimacy as Couples to hear from several couples in different stages of their relationships. They offer practical tips, encouragement, and share goals they're currently working toward.


If there are barriers to talking about spiritual matters, begin exploring those. If being open is something you didn't do as a kid, that's ok. You can live an adventurous life, trying new things!

If a barrier is trust, take time to think about why trust is an issue. If trust has been broken, check out this video where we explore what to do when a partner has broken trust.

If you'd like help working through the barriers, we offer relationship coaching and would love to help you establish marriage goals and build a legacy marriage.

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