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Unwanted Title?

Do you hold any unwanted titles? Perhaps you didn't ask to become unemployed, divorced, or widowed. These unwanted titles have a way of triggering pain and sorrow.

How do you handle unwanted titles?

Do you ignore them? Do you chat with God about why these titles hurt?

God wants to transform our minds. This happens when we renew our minds. How do we do this? We bring Him in and allow Him to shift our focus. His Word reminds us of our most important title, Child of God. This title should define us above all others. It's ok that we struggle with unwanted titles.

Allowing God to define us first will help us. Then, let's look at why the new title is undesirable. Invite God to help you understand yourself. Feel free to avoid using the title for a bit.

If you're having a difficult time with an unwanted title, it's likely that you're grieving something. If you'd like to work through your grief, we offer coaching. If you're interested in getting started more quickly or aren't ready to be seen, we have an online therapeutic video program called

Love and Loss. This program has helped thousands process their losses and work toward healing. We also wrote a free Love and Loss devotional to go along with the video program. It's available on our website and on the YouVersion Bible App.

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