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What If We Failed to Save Sex for Marriage?

Were you trying to save sex for marriage but failed?

Now what?

Do you take it to God? Or do you find it easier to hide? Remember when Adam and Eve ate the fruit in the Garden of Eden? They took fig leaves to hide their shame. We tend to do the same things.

But what if you submit your relationships to God? Whether a past relationship or the one you are in now, give it to God.

It's human nature to hide from God when we are ashamed of our choices. But remember...You were not perfect before that mistake (or series of mistakes) and you will not be perfect after it. The key is how you continue to pursue God within your broken relationships.

In this video, we, Chuck & Ashley give some practical next steps on what to do after you come up short in this area. How have you handled the topic and struggle of saving sex for marriage?

Quit again. Start again.

Don't give up.

You do hard things.

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