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What Should I do When I feel Depressed?

Updated: May 27, 2022

Have you ever felt desperate for some alone time, or felt so frustrated with relationships that you just need to get away? In grief, depression, and other challenging relationship situations, we tend to want to isolate. Alone time isn't always a bad thing. Isolation can breed depression, but solitude can helpful for restoring the soul. So what's the difference between solitude and isolation?

Check out this video to learn more.

So what needs do you have? Are you isolating? Are you getting enough solitude in life? Do you bring God into the middle of your negative spaces? Before you divorce, quit a job, or isolate emotionally, we would love to talk with you to see if coaching could help you develop some tricks you haven't yet tried! We believe you can have better than average relationships. #relationships #divorce #isolation #depression #solitude #peaceandquiet #dohardthings #faith #Godlyrelationships #parenting

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