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How Many Times Should I Try Before Giving Up?

In #relationships, we may ask, "How many times should I try before moving on?"

Sometimes, we feel like we've tried everything. But is that even possible? What would it look like to try everything? Perhaps you would try speaking to the person on a Tuesday in a British accent to the tune of the ABC's. You get the point, right? You haven't tried everything because there are many absurd options. But, we can explore what you have tried. What has worked? What isn't working? Most people will see improvement in their #workrelationships and #personalrelationships if they keep trying.

One of the problems we see is that individuals often don't want to talk about how they feel. They want the other person to know what they want, and they want them to meet their needs. But they don't want to say it. Can you see how confusing this is?

Let's say you are in a negative space, feeling disappointed by unmet expectations in your relationship. Yet, you think your loved one is in a positive space, not knowing anything is wrong. Perhaps you don't want to make them upset, but chances are, if you don't speak about your unmet needs, you will likely eventually pull them into a negative space. So what if you go ahead and talk about it, helping them understand your needs and wishes?

If you go ahead and speak now, before you're explosive, you will have more control over your words and may be less likely to say something you will regret later. If you work to speak while you're in a positive space, your communication efforts will become more effective. And hopefully, you won't end up saying, "I've tried everything, and nothing worked!" #relationshipgoals #dohardthings #communication #nonverbalcommunication #tospeak #community #love #relationshipsarehard

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