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Mental Stability vs. Mental Instability, Part TWO

How does your behavior change when you’re mentally stable versus when you feel less stable?

This is part two in our mental stability series. If you missed video 1, be sure to check it out!

Today, let’s look at hygiene. How frequently do you take showers, brush your teeth, etc? In your most mentally stable state, do you take 2-3 showers per week, or do you shower daily? When you feel less stable, does this number change?

If you shower less frequently when you feel less stable, I challenge you to remind yourself of this activity the next time you feel less interested in a shower. What if you trick your brain and go ahead and take a shower? Perhaps doing the things that come easily in a mentally stable space will build mental stability and give you confidence to keep working through some of life’s bigger challenges!

We’d love to help you build mental stability. If you’d like to set up an appointment to talk about your list, we would love to dive deeper into the needs that drive our behavior. Email us or check out our coaching options.

Follow us for more Biblical mental health techniques to help you build strong relationships. Comment below letting us know how you’ve seen others’ hygiene practices change when they’re going through a tough time. If you found this video helpful, save it for later or share it with someone!


Check out video 2 on IG here. Or listen as Dr. Paul interviews Chuck and Ashley regarding Switch Theory where they help individuals escape negative spaces and understand behavioral patterns.

Chuck and Ashley are relationship speakers who love helping people thrive in their personal and professional relationships.

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