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Do you talk to God about your mental health?

We've found that many people find it difficult to talk with God during tough times. And others seem to experience an opposite experience, forgetting about God during good times but running to Him when life becomes overwhelming.

Personally, we are working to invite God into every area of our lives. Every. Relationship. This means we want to invite God into our negative spaces. We've found that this task is not only difficult for us. Others find it tough also.

What about you? When you feel hurt by a loved one, do you quickly pray, asking God to fill your heart with love?

Or do you stew for a little bit? Maybe you even pick up your phone and text someone else about the matter.

If you feel depressed, do you talk to God about it like David did? Consider Psalm 6:5-7, “I am worn out from sobbing. All night I flood my bed with weeping, drenching it with my tears. My vision is blurred by grief...”

Here's a great piece by David Marvin & Laura Eldredge about people in the Bible who felt extremely low and how they responded.

We want to train ourselves to turn to God more quickly. And as we have done this, God has strengthened our ability to filter our words, stop and pray, and lead our family well.

If you've never prayed about your mental health or your relationship challenges, start today. Consider writing a note to yourself to invite God into life's drama. Perhaps He will help you love and create calm over chaos.

I also created a brief video series on mental stability that I use in counseling.

Check it out here on Instagram.

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