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Escaping Negative Spaces

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Ugh. We've all been there.

You know the space? It's not tangible. But you're stuck. You feel overwhelmed, irritated, disappointed. You tried not to develop expectations, but you still ended up having unmet expectations.

How do you get out of these negative spaces that are riddled with negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions? Sometimes we may feel depressed or anxious, or even crippled by grief.

It's amazing because we've all escaped. Each of us has been in a negative space and has lived to tell the tale. But we cannot always tell the story because we do not have an effective strategy for moving toward a positive space.

Let's use the 3 A's to Change to build a plan to escape some

negative spaces!

The first step is to become aware! Take time to be aware of how your thoughts may differ when you're in a positive mental space versus a negative mental space. Then, assess which methods you might use to move toward a positive space.

What thoughts, words, people, spiritual acts, or resources increase your movement toward a positive space?

Once you have established a list of options, pick one and act. For example, if, in a negative space, you tend to say, "I'm just not a finisher." Begin recognizing that trigger phrase as negative space language and insert the following words instead, "I am working to be a finisher. That's why I'm going to keep going. I do hard things. This is where change happens."

Keep cycling through the three A's to increase your understanding of how to build your life in a positive space.

We all move to a negative space (most of us quite regularly), but having an escape plan will increase our mental stability and overall personal growth. If you'd like to read how to switch from a negative to a positive space, check out our feature article by the San Antonio Marriage Initiative. If you prefer listening rather than reading, check out this interview where Chuck and Ashley are interviewed by Dr. Paul.

If you want support along the way, we would love to help.

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Chuck and Ashley are relationship speakers who want to help you have better than average relationships! If you'd like to learn more about bringing them in to your organization for a retreat or for consulting, email They'd love to support your mission.

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